3 Not So Obvious Reasons Why Men Like Escorts


3 Not So Obvious Reasons Why Men Like Escorts

There are many reasons why gentlemen decide to book appointments with exclusive Kensington escorts. Some of these reasons may be fairly obvious, whilst others are not.

The Top 3 (Not So Obvious) Reasons:

  1. Experimentation

It is not uncommon for a gentleman to crave new adventures and experiences. Some gentlemen decide to take this desire further by experimenting in a variety of ways. This may include experiences that they are not comfortable discussing with a loved one or trusted friend.

Exclusive Kensington escorts are always attentive to their client’s needs, and this often includes offering a supportive and understanding ear so that he can talk about what’s on his mind. Experimentation is an individual want and need so the experience is unique to each person.

The connection with an exclusive Kensington escort is discrete and confidential and gives the gentleman the level of guaranteed privacy that he would find difficult to find anywhere else.

  1. The Great Escape

Some gentlemen like to make appointments with exclusive Kensington escorts simply to spend an hour outside of their ordinary day-to-day life. Gentlemen with highly stressful lives sometimes find it difficult to detach from this stress outside of their working hours. In the company of an attractive high class Kensington escort they can easily detach from their private life requirements and can unwind and completely relax.

When a gentleman spends time in the company of an exclusive escort in Kensington his time is his own. All of his focus goes on her and he forgets his other responsibilities for a while.

  1. Big Celebrations

Some gentlemen like to celebrate major events by sharing their good news with a high class Kensington escort. Whether they have just negotiated a big business deal or received a promotion, celebrating in style will be on the agenda. The businessman who has just signed a huge deal will take his preferred exclusive London escort out on the town for dinner, drinks and dancing. No expense will be spared.

Even though this gentleman may also go home and celebrate his good news with his wife or girlfriend he will also want to indulge in his own private celebration. High class Kensington escorts are great party companions and know exactly how to lift the mood. Gentlemen who book an appointment with an exclusive London escort always know they will be celebrating in grand style.



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