A Story of my Stay in Knightsbridge

When I found out I was going to be staying in Knightsbridge in London I was excited! Not only did I manage to book a room in one of the most exclusive areas of London but I was near many of the nightclubs and bars that I had wanted to spend most of my time in. I had gotten a nice job in the area and was excited to be young and free to run wild in the city at nights.

It all started just like I had expected: every night was a new club, every night I met women and some nights I would ask them to come over only to see them leave in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, it was great for a while but then I remember one night being in the middle of a sweaty dance floor with people dropping drinks and the music too loud to hear myself think and I thought that I was suddenly in a rut. It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying myself but I noticed that since I had arrived to London I hadn’t made any meaningful connections to anyone. My neighbors in Knightsbridge were strangers to me and I was sorely lacking people I could go out and talk to instead of simply getting drunk with.

Going back home I stayed up all night looking online for ways to become more amicable and to open myself to making deeper connections. I wasn’t looking for a wife or anything but I was looking for that missing piece in my life: true friendships.

I came across tantric massages for my area pretty quickly and while I must admit I booked them as an escape from everything else… I got much more than I originally thought.

If you go to a tantric massage website you’re thinking you’re simply going to get a hand job by a lovely woman and pay her to go. Thankfully that’s not the case. While there is a lot of touching involved in the massage the truth is that while I was being massaged I felt such at ease with the masseuse, such a feeling of emptiness that I wanted to feel that it was amazing. With more massages I’ve begun to rebuild my life with solid and meaningful people around me and truly it’s made my experience of living in Knightsbridge much more satisfying.

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