How not to book an escort

Everyone has one of those work horror stories and escort are no different so here are some stories I have found that I could not help but share. Just a quick thing to mention theses are all stories I have found online.

Fallinstar’s week:

  • First off I got a text which I don’t ever reply to unless we have spoken on the phone or in person. Now this was a weird text as he says he wants to book with be because my ample bum and thighs make me his ideal woman. I am a britsh size 8 so I have no idea how I have an ample bum.
  • I received an email Monday morning from a potential client who was wanting to book me for 2 which I normally charge £230 for an outcall which this would have been. He claimed he could only do an outcall booking because he could not leave his dog alone. Not only did he ask to have the booking for £150 which is £80 short of what I actually charge. He offered to drive too and from the booking and finished off the email with the line “as long as you don’t mind a licking from a Labrador”.
  • Phone call on Friday from someone I had seen twice before and seemed like a pretty decent guy. He asked for a £20 discount which when I told him no he preceded to call me a money grabbing whore.

Okay now Fallinstar has had a pretty bad week compared to most girls experience now if you are going to do any of these when you are looking to book an then you immediately get declined.

I work with an escort agnecy called Companion Concierge and we have had a number of calls like this. Now we run a very strict policy of not taking bookings from people who try and get away with stuff like this.

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