Places To Visit In London

London is one of the most affluent cities In the world, this city has so many places to visit and experience and one of the things that’s hard to come across in most other cities but London is littered with is rooftop bars. One of the best rooftop bars in this city goes by the name of Radio Rooftop, this place is perfect for a summer’s day out. You know from the minute you step in this place you are in one of the highest class rooftop bars this country has to offer never mind London. This is the perfect place to be joined by one of the most beautiful Kensington escorts for an amazing experience.

London is one of the hot spots on the planet for cuisine with a lot of the world’s leading chefs operating in this city, the most skilled chefs in the world own establishments here so as you can imagine some of the cuisine in this city is out of this world. One of the highest class restaurants this city has to offer is Closs Maggiore, this restaurants French cuisine is really something to behold and you will honestly have to search for a long time to find a better all-round experience than you can get at this place. This is the ideal location to be joined by one of the most stunning Kensington escorts for delicious food.

London also has some of the country’s best nightlife and one of the best atmospheres in the whole of the capital city is definitely at the EGG London, this nightclub is a warehouse like nightclub with everyone stood on their feet listening to some incredible music being played by DJ’s. This is the perfect kind of location to be accompanied by one of the most gorgeous Kensington escorts for a night you won’t forget.

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