Settle on the Best

1471603286_staff_553_57b6e2563a381_tnLife is too short to settle for anything but the best. More and more we cut corners and make excuses for allowing ourselves to not have the best things in life. Of course sometimes money is an issue but simply because we don’t have the bank accounts of movie stars doesn’t mean we can’t have great and amazing things. In fact having healthy bank accounts is good but most of life experiences we settle on have nothing to do with large amounts of money.

Sex is a good example of something we settle on when it’s just ‘good enough’ when really sex is one of the easiest things to make amazing. When you’re in a situation where the sex isn’t being good enough all you need to learn how to do is stand up and say ‘this is not working for me’ and show the other person what does work. The problem is we’re afraid of doing that because other people’s feelings might get hurt or because we honestly don’t know what we like because we’re so used to settling that it has truly become a habit and at some point that habit becomes the norm from where we judge everything. As long as the sex is good enough with some great sex sprinkled throughout we think it’s an ‘average’ sex life. The truth is, though, that average in that sense is simply not good enough. Great sex should be a part of our lives as much as anything else that we do. So, instead of settling is time you learn what good sex and chemistry can actually be like… and how simple it is to get.

Getting to know yourself sexually is one of the first steps… sadly since we don’t truly know ourselves that well we might need a nudge in the right direction, someone to smooth out the kinks and someone to truly make our time worth it. There are plenty of women in London ready to show you exactly what you’re missing and what you need to learn in order to make your sex life the best that it can be. We’re, of course talking about tantric masseuses whom are trained in the tantric arts (such as the girls at in the ways of teaching you through some non-intercourse practice exactly how you can start having the most excellent sex life out there.

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