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For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, Number Sixteen is a boutique hotel.  It’s one of those places we like to tell you about because our South Kensington escorts from London Deluxe love it so much.  Many of the girls have spent time in this hotel and we’d like to share our opinions…

To begin with, the location of Number Sixteen couldn’t be better for those of you on a weekend away, or touring London on business.  It’s close enough to everything you’re likely to need, including: The Natural History and Victoria and Albert Museum, and a plethora of bars and restaurants to socialise with friends and/or business colleagues.

South Kensington escorts overview

To begin with, we like the townhouse look in any hotel to be perfectly honest.  It keeps the “London look,” so to speak.  Overall it’s a very relaxing hotel.  In particular the sitting rooms and garden offer a very tranquil environment.  If there’s anything that our Kensington escorts love it’s the opportunity to relax with their clients in a comfortable, yet luxurious environment.  We would strongly urge taking your wine in the garden in the evening in the summer when you can sit by the pond and watch the fish swimming to the surface in the hope that you’ll give them some food!

The décor throughout is tasteful and it’s rather like relaxing in a really well chosen art gallery in many places; you’re never short of something to look at and admire.  The staff are amazingly helpful and they’ll bring you just about anything you want, wherever you are in the hotel.  Saying that however, it will cost you a pretty penny or two!

The rooms

The rooms at Number Sixteen aren’t particularly big, and this is a shame in many respects.  The atmosphere more than makes up for it, and of course if you have the exquisite company of one of our Kensington escorts, the room becomes less small and more “intimate.”  They are well equipped however, and again like the rest of the hotel, very tastefully decorated.

The décor in each room (well at the least the ones we’ve heard about) is different, and this really does help Number Sixteen stand out as a quality boutique hotel.  Beautiful curtains from ceiling to floor, lavish bed linen and a lovely contrast of contemporary and antique looking furniture (we’re not dealers, so we don’t profess to know what is and isn’t!)

The dining experience

Eating at Number Sixteen isn’t in the same league as other luxury hotels in the centre of London, but it’s certainly not to be scoffed at (pardon the pun!)  A number of our South Kensington escorts have reported eating in the orangery and garden and they’ve all had good things to say about it.  The cold breakfast selections are included in your room rate and very satisfying, but there are also a variety of hot choices on the menu like: poached eggs, bacon sandwiches, pancakes, bagels and smoked salmon.

Dinner is a la carte and the choice is just right.  When a hotel that doesn’t have an amazing, award winning chef or celebrity branding offers too much choice, you kind of get the feeling most of what’s on offer won’t be up to scratch.  The seafood is very good and the steaks are also a good choice for an evening meal in the gardens; particularly in the summer and among excellent company of course!

Visit the Number Sixteen website for more information and book online.  Don’t neglect having a browse of our South Kensington escorts before you go however, they’ll be happy to join you at Number Sixteen, or indeed anywhere you like!

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