The Christmas period in Kensington

Central London certainly is magical this time of year, you will struggle to find a prettier sight than Kensington gardens covered in a layer of frost on a crisp blue skied December morning. However for tourists and people visiting this area over the festive period it can be a wondrous place or alternatively a reminder of the home-place comforts and traditions you are missing out on. That is why the London tourism board and major establishments are pulling out all of the stops to make Christmas 2014 one that will live long in the memory.

For the majority of people Christmas is a time to enjoy the company of family and loved ones and the daily stress of work is put on hold for a dew weeks. However the world does not completely shut down at Christmas and many people continue to work the festive period including those that have to travel out of town, many visiting the country’s economic heart London. Therefore many of the London hotels are going all out to make your Christmas stay with them as enjoyable as possible. The London Marriott in Kensington has undergone an elegant Christmas makeover and with its prestigious restaurant and fully stocked bar to ensure on a delicious and relaxing Christmas waited on hand and foot.

If you’re single and spending the festive season in Kensington then that will open other avenues to explore and make your stay even more unforgettable. Kensington boasts an impressive array of stunningly beautiful Kensington escorts that will also be working the Christmas period to provide intimacy and companionship for those who do not already have it. They will also be going the very best to make sure every client enjoys a memorable evening in a Kensington bar or restaurant.

Whether you are visiting Kensington or live locally, one exciting event that is open to you is ice skating at the natural history museum. It is a perfect ice breaker to enjoy some intimacy and really get to know your Kensington escorts. And with its beautiful setting around the giant Christmas tree and a few glasses of wine, you can experience the Christmas you have always wanted in a beautiful festive setting in the company of an equally beautiful Kensington escort.

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