The greatest Notting Hill Gate escorts you’re ever likely to meet!


You know what makes these Notting Hill Gate escorts better than any others you’ll find in the area?  They know London especially the Notting escorts working with That’s what makes them better than the rest.  Obviously they’re gorgeous, but then most escorts are.  However, these girls meet a strict criteria…

We’re quite choosey when it comes to representing escorts, and Notting Hill Gate escorts are no exception.  When we mentioned that they “know London,” we really meant it.  This can often be the deciding point for some men when they’re rebooking an escort.  When you book a girl that doesn’t speak much English and practically lives her life in an incall apartment, it’s not nearly as much fun as it could be.  It could be so much nicer if you booked an escort who gets out and about with her friends, other clients, and generally becomes familiar with her environment.

Knowing where they’re living

It’s no joke you know.  There are escorts in the city of London who move in and then refuse to, or otherwise fail to, learn anything about where they’re living!  In our age we can order pretty much everything to the door, and once some of these escorts have established a favourite beauty salon and a gym, some go no further than this!

We demand a little more from the Notting Hill Gate escorts we represent.  We like the girls to be well-rounded individuals.  Girls who have experience, knowledge and interests, are far more appealing to our clients than those that don’t do anything.  It’s all very well being pretty to look at, but it’s not enough if you want to be among the best in the city today!

Favourite places in Notting Hill Gate

When you’re one of these “well-rounded” Notting Hill Gate escorts, you tend to build yourself a list of places you like.  Here are a couple of favourites we’ve been told about:

  • Gate – 87 Notting Hill Gate. This is a very popular hang out because of what it offers.  It’s not just a bar, it’s a great cocktail bar, with choices beyond your reckoning.  On top of that, they serve brilliant Pan-Asian cuisine, and there’s a club downstairs!
  • Blagclub – 68 Notting Hill Gate. This is a very relaxed lounge bar where you’ll find a number of the trendy types around Notting Hill.  The vibe is very chilled when there isn’t a DJ party on.  Great lighting in here, and perfect to meet Notting Hill Gate escorts for a quick drink or two!

So what are you waiting for?  Take a look at the beauties on offer now!

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