The Sexual Experience

Sex is a wonderful way for humans to interact with each other and it seems to be on most of our minds at the very least once or twice a day. We crave it because it’s simply a 1461419020_staff_543_571b7c0ce01a6damn good time, or at least that’s the point. Sex is supposed to be satisfying, it’s supposed to bring out the very best in us and make us feel relaxed, connected and complete. So why do we insist on watering down the experience? This is in no way an ode against casual sex. In fact quite the contrary, casual sex is amazing and can be just as good and satisfying as non-casual sex. The problem is that whether it’s casual or not we seem to not enjoy sex as much as we potential could and as much as we should and that’s a damn shame.

The whole point of sex can be procreation but if that were the sole purpose there would probably not be so many damned nerve endings in those general areas nor would we crave sex when not at our most fertile. So the whole ‘sex’s main purpose is to procreate’ excuse can just be thrown out the window and buried deep in the ground so it won’t be spread around anymore. The point of sex is to feel good, to feel connected to yourself, to others. Our sexual organs are where the most pleasurable nerve endings are and when you receive the correct amount of stimulation you can reach levels of joy that have been given the apt name of ecstasy. This is a place where we simply detach from things like worldly problems and can suddenly connect to something greater than ourselves. So, whatever you do, don’t water down the sexual experience, feel it fully, completely, deeply and without any trace of shame; don’t hold back! If you  have felt yourself not able to receive the most out of it perhaps getting some help in the form of a sensual tantric massage in London from Bespoke Tantric might be your ticket to enjoying sex all over again.

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