Why Do Men Like Escorts?


Gentlemen love to spend time with women who are appreciative and undemanding. Unfortunately many men soon find that the relationship they have fallen into comes with plenty of hassle and stress. A high class Kensington escort, on the other hand, makes no such demands on them.

Men Appreciate Beauty

Whilst every gentleman has a unique sense of taste they all appreciate beauty. High class London escorts take considerable care over personal grooming and appearance and always look like a million dollars. When a gentlemen makes an appointment to spend quality time with an elite London escort he knows he will never be disappointed by her appearance. He’ll be proud to wine and dine her and to show her off to other men.

Men Like Variety

The elite London escort experience allows men to pick and choose from a wide variety of attractive companions. They can select an escort that perfectly matches all of their personal preferences and requirements – hair and eye colour, figure proportions and statistics and personality traits. They are also free to spend time with one regular elite escort companion or several. If the gentleman wants to take things further and explore the threesome experience he can also do that too, without any stress, hassle or guilt.

Men Like To Be In Control

Maintaining control does not mean that a gentleman wants to manipulate a situation. Establishing a connection with a high class Kensington escort simply means that he maintains control of his emotional involvement. Because he does not become emotionally attached there is no relationship hassle. He is free to make appointments at a time that is convenient for him and with whichever attractive exclusive London escort takes his fancy.

The high class Kensington escort’s attentive and accommodating nature will make him feel special and will also confirm that he has full control of the connection.

Men Value What They Pay For

Unless something has a generous price tag attached to it most men do not fully appreciate the value of something. They are naturally conditioned to pay, what they perceive, something is worth. Booking an appointment with an exclusive London escort allows the gentleman to take full charge of the expenditure. He will gladly pay for the cost of a hotel room, dinner and drinks and any other expenses. He’ll happily do so because he sees he is getting value for money.

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